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Know your rights after a holiday DWI arrest

Alcohol is often involved when New York residents get together to celebrate the Fourth of July. Although it is certainly possible for such events to happen without beer, wine or other drinks, many individuals responsibly consume alcoholic beverages while celebrating the independence of the nation.

Law enforcement officials know, though, that the potential for drivers to operate their vehicles after drinking at the parties of their families and friends is relatively high on this and other holidays. For that reason, they may have more officers on duty on holidays and may set up more checkpoints to ensure that drivers are using safe practices while out on New York roads.

While looking for drunk drivers law enforcement officials can sometimes snare innocent individuals with their erroneous legal claims. A person who is sober may be assessed for drunk driving and arrested for DWI due to a number of factors, some of those based on mistakes made by law enforcement officials themselves during the traffic stop and assessment processes.

The law firm of Lerner & Lerner works with DWI and drunk driving clients in Carle Place and the surrounding community. The attorneys and staff of the firm know that not every person who is arrested for alleged drunk driving is guilty of the crimes they are accused of committing and they zealously advocate for the rights of all individuals who are facing charges. The law firm maintains a webpage on drunk driving and DWI defense and it is a good place for readers to learn more about the practice. Those with further questions are invited to reach out to Lerner & Lerner for individual legal consultations on their DWI cases.

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