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Manhattan bankruptcy attorney pleaded guilty to embezzlement

A veteran Lower Manhattan bankruptcy attorney pleaded guilty in a Manhattan federal court to embezzling funds. The attorney admitted to embezzling funds from a client’s bankruptcy estate and transferring the funds to himself. In addition to the federal case, the State of New York charged the man as well but he has yet to plead in the state case.

Best Ways To Face Up To A Bench Warrant

It’s been a nagging reality for you for some time. The bench warrant you received years ago that you’ve been trying to forget. You may be tired of worrying if you’ll be included in the next warrant sweep, or very frightened that the recent court date you missed will land you in jail again.

NY criminal records seal has limits

As of October 2017, New York has a law on the books that could offer welcome relief to some individuals in Nassau County and elsewhere in the state. The measure amends the code on criminal procedure to allow the records of some adult convictions to be sealed – a process known as expungement.

Can I get my criminal record expunged in New York?

Question: About fifteen years ago, I was involved in a night of youthful indiscretion: I went out drinking with some friends (I was underage), and we ended up stealing a car. We were caught that night (it was a stick shift and we didn’t really know how to drive it.)