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Domestic Violence Archives

Journey drummer charged with assault

New York fans of the rock band Journey may be aware that Deen Castronovo has been the focus of both positive and negative media stories in recent years. The 50-year-old drummer was lauded by the press for donating $10,000 to a high school in 2015, but he was criticized in 2012 after being involved in an altercation with a woman. Castronovo became the subject of media attention once again on June 14 when he was taken into custody by Oregon police following an encounter that left a woman injured.

What is the Integrated Domestic Violence Court in New York?

People who are facing both criminal domestic violence charges as well as separate family court matters, such as a divorce or child custody proceedings, may end up having all of their cases transferred into an Integrated Domestic Violence court. When this occurs, a single judge will preside over all of the separate cases affecting the person and their family.

Protective orders in New york

The extent of the domestic violence problem in New York and the serious long-term risk to people caught in such situations is now more commonly understood. In addition, domestic violence does not happen only between married couples. There are many people inside a family or any close living situation who may have to endure incidents of violence and coercion, and they are typically offered the protection of the law.

Ray Rice arrested for domestic assault after minor altercation

When an argument spirals out of control, it can happen very quickly and people can react in surprising ways. If and when this involves physical contact, it may not be long until police show up to break up the situation. 

Former tennis star avoids criminal stalking, assault charges

It can be very upsetting to learn that you are facing criminal charges related to behaviors that may not seem to warrant such a serious response. This can often be the case when a person is charged with domestic assault, battery or similar misconduct that may stem from a simple misunderstanding. But rather than ignore what it at stake or assume that everything will work itself out, people in this situation may want to take action to protect themselves from the very serious consequences they could be facing. 

Domestic violence can be triggered by the holiday season

Many people across New York are getting ready to celebrate and spend the holidays with friends or family. However, there are many people who are not so festive. This time of year can be very difficult for people who are lonely, suffering from depression or dealing with high levels of family stress. The holiday season can often magnify these feelings and person can end up engaging in some dangerous behaviors.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized in New York

Today marks the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was a month during which New York state officials urged New Yorkers to wear purple and Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked the public to participate in many ways in the yearly campaign called Shine the Light on Domestic Violence.

Water gun, shouting leads to arrest for domestic assault

When police respond to a domestic disturbance call, they are often ready and determined to make an arrest. This can be true even if they arrive and there is no one hurt and the assault seems to be little more than a disagreement between two people. Even when this is the case, New York police may still decide to arrest whichever party they feel is the aggressor in the situation.

Mother faced felony for spanking child

Allegations of domestic assault or violence can put people in a very upsetting position, especially if these accusations are made falsely out of anger or resentment towards another person. And whether they involve spouses, roommates or family members, accusations of domestic violence are often very complicated and damaging. Even if a person believes he or she has done nothing wrong, that person can end up facing serious criminal consequences if they are convicted.

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