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dwi charges Archives

Defend yourself against damaging DWI charges

Prior posts on this New York-based criminal defense legal blog have introduced some of the serious penalties that can apply if a person is convicted of a drunk driving charge. In New York, penalties for drunk driving can include fines, the loss of one's driver's license and even time in jail. Depending upon the type of charge an individual faces, their punishments can be significant and long-lasting.

DWI penalties can be life-altering

At the end of last year this New York criminal defense legal blog discussed some of the charges that individuals could face if they were stopped on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Those charges ranged from a straightforward DWI charge based on the accused individual's blood alcohol concentration exceeding .08 percent to more serious charges involving greater suspected intoxication or alleged harm caused by the stopped individuals. Even when a person is arrested for a normal DWI stop the consequences that they could face for conviction are significant.

Possible drunk driving charges in New York

During the busy holiday season New York law enforcement officials often patrol local communities in search of drivers who may be operating their vehicles while influenced by alcohol. Driving while impaired is a charge that the courts of New York recognize and that can penalize a person with criminal sanctions if sufficient evidence is offered to prove that they were in violation of the drunk driving law.

Man faces DWI and other charges following traffic stop

Driving while impaired allegations and charges require a strong criminal defense response. Following a traffic stop in a New York community north of Carle Place, one man is facing DWI and drug charges. According to authorities, two men in the vehicle are facing charges after they were pulled over and were allegedly in possession of drugs and the driver allegedly had a blood alcohol content level triple the legal limit and was driving an unregistered vehicle with stolen license plates.

Marijuana-impaired driving in New York: What the law says

There is no denying the fact that marijuana laws around the country have changed dramatically over the past decade. While pot remains illegal under federal law, many states have legalized the drug for medicinal and/or recreational use. Here in New York, possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized, which is not the same thing as making something legal.

New Yorker faces DWI and drug charges after traffic stop

It is important for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights. A man from a nearby New York community is facing DWI charges following a traffic stop. The man is accused of drunk driving and possessing drugs. The 28-year old man was stopped for violation of vehicle and traffic laws. Following the routine traffic stop, authorities alleged they observed that the man's eyes were blood shot and watery and that his breath had a strong odor of alcohol.