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Aggravated DWI

DWI laws in New York are complex. The penalties are severe, especially for those charged with aggravated DWI. Our attorneys have represented Nassau County residents who have been arrested for drunk driving after registering .18 on a Breathalyzer test, over twice the legal limit.

In addition to possible jail time and fines, you face driver’s license revocation or suspension, increased insurance premiums, mandatory ignition interlock and the Drinking Driver Program.

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Providing You With Options While Protecting Your Rights And Future

While options seem limited, you still need an attorney to defend you against aggravated and supposedly indefensible drunk driving charges. Police must follow mandated policies and procedures in aggravated drunk driving arrests. They must have reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop and probable cause for an arrest. Breath or blood tests must be administered properly.

The smallest error on law enforcement’s part violates your rights. Uncovering those mistakes that led to your criminal charge is brought to the attention of the courts and used to your advantage. Our dedicated lawyers remain at your side, protecting your rights at every step in the process.

Pleading guilty to first- or second-offense aggravated DWI or felony drunk driving not only presumes a strong case by the prosecution, but also limits your options and ignores your rights.

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