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Lifetime Loss Of License

It can be difficult to understand how much you rely on your right to drive here in Nassau County, until that right is taken away. With a first or second DWI, your license revocation can be temporary. While this is a huge inconvenience, you will be eligible for license reinstatement. However, when you are convicted of a third or fourth DWI in New York, you risk losing your license forever.

The Fine Print About Lifetime License Revocation

While a third or fourth DWI in New York does not automatically constitute a lifetime license revocation, there is a strong chance it will come to that.

If your license is revoked due to a third or fourth DWI conviction, you will be subject to a 25-year look-back period for any previous license revocations/driving convictions when the DMV is evaluating whether or not to reinstate your license. The DMV will be looking for three or more DWIs and at least one other serious driving offense (“SDO”) in the past 25 years.

A serious driving offense may be a fatal car crash, having 20 or more points on your license or having two-plus driving convictions at five points each. Even if you do not have an SDO on your record, and you are revoked for a third or fourth DWI, you will not be eligible for a license for five years after the revocation period has run. When the DMV allows you to get a license, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device on your car for an additional five years.

If you have had five or more DWIs in the past, regardless of how old they are, and you are revoked for any reason, it will be a lifetime revocation of your license.

These new regulations are extremely complicated. You need an experienced DWI attorney to walk you through so there are no surprises.

If you fall under these criteria, now is the time to contact an aggressive criminal defender. At Lerner & Lerner, P.C., there are no surprises. You will fully understand the consequences before you make any decisions regarding your future.

Protecting Your Right To Drive After Multiple DWI Convictions

When you work with Lerner & Lerner, P.C., we take your case as seriously as you do. We know that you need your driving privileges in order to commute to work, pick up your kids from day care, go to medical appointments, shop for groceries and run important errands. Without the ability to drive, you may lose your job if you cannot make it to work, have to consistently rely on other people for rides and lose out on a number of enjoyable activities for lack of transportation.

Our attorneys will exhaust every possible option when preparing defense strategies for your case. This includes investigating the legality of police procedure during the stop and arrest, and helping you find alcohol treatment options, which can show the judge you are serious about ending drinking and driving permanently.

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