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Posts tagged "allegations"

Woman accused of cashing bad checks

On Feb. 17, a woman in New York was arrested for her alleged involvement in a fraudulent check scheme. The next day, police announced that she had been charged with misdemeanor petit larceny, felony possession of a forged instrument and that more arrests were pending. The 51-year-old woman is accused of executing a check-cashing scam in Ulster, Kingston and Saugerties. The arrest resulted from a local grocer's complaint on Nov. 17 regarding several payroll checks from various businesses that proved to be fraudulent.

New York man faces multiple burglary charges

The search of a residence in connection with a nearly three-month investigation has led to a 57-year-old Wellsville man being taken into custody. The man is accused of burglarizing a laundromat and a disco in the community. The initial alleged offense occurred on July 8 as the man reportedly burglarized the laundromat. The second incident took place on Sept. 7 when the man reportedly broke into the same business a second time. The disco break-in occurred on Sept. 14.

Judge: 'Revenge porn' is a poor decision, but not illegal

There is a very thin line between engaging in ill-advised behavior and engaging in illegal behavior. However, defining this line can be crucial when a person is facing criminal charges, and it can all come down to how a particular law is interpreted.

Former tennis star avoids criminal stalking, assault charges

It can be very upsetting to learn that you are facing criminal charges related to behaviors that may not seem to warrant such a serious response. This can often be the case when a person is charged with domestic assault, battery or similar misconduct that may stem from a simple misunderstanding. But rather than ignore what it at stake or assume that everything will work itself out, people in this situation may want to take action to protect themselves from the very serious consequences they could be facing. 

Judge dismisses charges against couple accused of theft

Handling finances for another person can be a very challenging responsibility. Every transaction can be scrutinized and when something suspicious happens with an account, people will often assume that criminal behaviors or financial mismanagement are to blame. However, this is not always the case.

'Employee of the Month' facing embezzlement charges

When we read about people who are charged with white collar crimes such as embezzlement, the people are often employed as accountants or other jobs that put them in charge of money. Regardless of if they committed an offense, these are often the first people that authorities in New York suspect and arrest when allegations of missing money are made. 

'Tis the season shoplifting allegations in New York

As we approach the hectic holiday season, people all across New York will be heading out to stores to purchase gifts for loved ones. It can be a chaotic time for consumers, but is also a time that retailers depend on in order to end the year with strong sales. This makes the holiday shopping season a prime time for people to face shoplifting allegations.

Probation for New York widow accused of stealing $26 gloves

Being accused of a crime can be upsetting to any person, no matter what their background is. It can be frightening and embarrassing to face criminal charges, especially these days when news spreads quickly and widely. Before people can even come to terms with what they are facing, they may see their face and name splashed across a newspaper or website next to a description of what they are accused of. This experience can be very difficult for any person, no matter how seemingly minor the allegations may be.

Do minorities face unfair fraud accusations by Barneys?

Many people across this state have recently read about the accusations that iconic department store Barneys New York has engaged in discriminatory practices. And it's not their hiring, advertising or design practices that have come under fire. It is the accusation that the store unfairly targets minority customers and accuses them of credit card fraud and other unlawful behaviors.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized in New York

Today marks the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It was a month during which New York state officials urged New Yorkers to wear purple and Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked the public to participate in many ways in the yearly campaign called Shine the Light on Domestic Violence.