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Posts tagged "criminal charge"

New York man faces multiple burglary charges

The search of a residence in connection with a nearly three-month investigation has led to a 57-year-old Wellsville man being taken into custody. The man is accused of burglarizing a laundromat and a disco in the community. The initial alleged offense occurred on July 8 as the man reportedly burglarized the laundromat. The second incident took place on Sept. 7 when the man reportedly broke into the same business a second time. The disco break-in occurred on Sept. 14.

Long Island man accused of stealing chlorine found not guilty

Things are not always as they seem, and if police do not carefully investigate a supposed crime, an innocent person might have to deal with criminal charges. That seems to have been the case with a Nassau County man who recently was found not guilty of stealing chlorine from his workplace. The jury found that the man never took the chlorine away from the sewage treatment plant where he worked, and was just moving it within the facility.

Criminal prosecutions based on hip-hop lyrics on the rise

Many people believe that art is a reflection of the human experience, without necessarily being a literal interpretation of it. But can art also be used as evidence in a criminal investigation into the artist? How reliable would such evidence be, given how subjective and prone to exaggeration art often is?

Should 81-year-old woman be held in jail for feeding birds?

We know that laws are in place to keep people safe and protect our rights as U.S. citizens. However, that does not mean that people always understand or agree with the laws or that the legal system should not still be challenged when appropriate. There may also be reasons to confront unfair sentencing practices when the punishment may not fit the crime.

Judge: 'Revenge porn' is a poor decision, but not illegal

There is a very thin line between engaging in ill-advised behavior and engaging in illegal behavior. However, defining this line can be crucial when a person is facing criminal charges, and it can all come down to how a particular law is interpreted.

Teen may have gotten her 'selfie' in some big trouble

Parents of teenagers have always had trouble when it comes to understanding why these young people do what they do. We were all teenagers once, and yet it can be easy to forget that we have probably all made mistakes at that age that we are not proud of. But fortunately for us, those mistakes were not shared all across the Internet like they are today.

Officials arrest 18 'party-pack' sellers before Super Bowl

The Super Bowl typically generates a lot of excitement and business every year. Many New Yorkers are excited that this year, the game is being played nearby, and some people are taking advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities. However, not all of the business endeavors are lawful.

Bullied teen faces criminal charges for school fight

When kids get into trouble at school, there is an expectation that the situation will be handled appropriately. They may face suspension or academic penalties, depending on what the situation may call for. And while parents may certainly be upset that their child has gotten into trouble, there should be the understanding that they will not be punished unfairly or to an inappropriate degree.

Recent study reports surprising arrest statistics

When we are young, many of us are taught that we can do anything and be anyone we want to be. But imagine starting your adult life with a strike against you because of a juvenile arrest. How many opportunities would be lost? How many lives will be a struggle because of a mistake or bad decision someone made as a kid?

'Knockout' assault elevated to hate crime

Many New Yorkers may be familiar with a recent and troubling trend that has made waves on city streets and online. The act is a type of random violence involving a person who punches an unsuspecting victim in a game referred to as "knockout." It has happened multiple times in New York, but is taking place elsewhere as well. No matter where the incident occurs, state and federal officials are taking the behavior very seriously.