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Posts tagged "drug offenses"

2 arrested for drugs in I-95 traffic stop

According to reports, two people were arrested, one on allegations of felony drug offenses, following a traffic stop on I-95. Sources indicate that the two were stopped on I-95 by officers with the New York state police. The stop and subsequent arrests allegedly occurred on Jan. 1 around 3:10 p.m.

New York's drug treatment courts

In some cases, individuals charged on drug offenses in New York may be eligible to participate in drug treatment court, which is a drug diversion program. Reportedly, there are 146 courts operating in the state, and they permit certain non-violent drug offenders to have their charges reduced in exchange for participating in court-supervised drug treatment programs.

Leading economists: Time to declare ceasefire in war on drugs

Throughout the country, drug offenses are taken very seriously by state and federal law enforcement officials. In fact, marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug -- the most serious of classifications -- by federal law enforcement. As a result of this, a person who is struck with federal marijuana possession charges could spend time behind bars.

Nonviolent drug offenders among those pardoned by President Obama

For many years now, law enforcement has taken an aggressive stand on drug offenses. Mandatory minimums and elaborate sting operations are among some of the tactics used to identify and prosecute people accused of committing a drug-related crime. People all over New York are receiving extremely harsh sentences for a variety of offenses, even those that are not considered to be serious. 

Proposed bill would decriminalize marijuana in New York

We have seen a dramatic shift in public opinion regarding marijuana use and possession in recent years. People are becoming more tolerant of marijuana and less tolerant of the overly aggressive enforcement efforts to arrest and convict people for nonviolent drug offenses. As it stands, hundreds of thousands of people have been arrested for possession of marijuana in New York City since 1997.

Police lack good humor in ice cream truck drug case

Prosecutors claimed that a man driving an ice cream truck in Brooklyn was selling more than pushups and drumsticks. The drug crime charges against the truck driver came after he allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover cop he met in a local deli. Authorities said he also offered to acquire oxycodone pills for the officer at a later date.