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Posts tagged "felony"

Woman accused of cashing bad checks

On Feb. 17, a woman in New York was arrested for her alleged involvement in a fraudulent check scheme. The next day, police announced that she had been charged with misdemeanor petit larceny, felony possession of a forged instrument and that more arrests were pending. The 51-year-old woman is accused of executing a check-cashing scam in Ulster, Kingston and Saugerties. The arrest resulted from a local grocer's complaint on Nov. 17 regarding several payroll checks from various businesses that proved to be fraudulent.

New York man faces multiple burglary charges

The search of a residence in connection with a nearly three-month investigation has led to a 57-year-old Wellsville man being taken into custody. The man is accused of burglarizing a laundromat and a disco in the community. The initial alleged offense occurred on July 8 as the man reportedly burglarized the laundromat. The second incident took place on Sept. 7 when the man reportedly broke into the same business a second time. The disco break-in occurred on Sept. 14.

Ex-Nassau police officer pleads guilty to misconduct

Residents of Nassau County are expected to follow the law, or risk arrest and conviction. Those who enforce the law are supposed to follow the rules, too. Laws exist to restrict the ability of the police to abuse their authority, through random searches and other things forbidden by the Bill of Rights. This helps try to maintain a balance between the power of the government and our right to a criminal defense.

Criminal prosecutions based on hip-hop lyrics on the rise

Many people believe that art is a reflection of the human experience, without necessarily being a literal interpretation of it. But can art also be used as evidence in a criminal investigation into the artist? How reliable would such evidence be, given how subjective and prone to exaggeration art often is?

New York man to be freed 25 years after wrongful conviction

On March 31, we shared a story of a wrongful conviction being overturned after the defendant spent seven years in prison for a crime she did not commit. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system puts more innocent people behind bars than some would like to admit. Sometimes, people spend decades unjustly locked up, as in the case of a New York man who is expected to be set free on or around April 8 after nearly 25 years in prison.

Central Park Five seek justice for wrongful convictions

On a night in 1989, the lives of five men changed forever when a young woman was attacked while jogging in Central Park. The five men were tried and convicted for the assault and sentenced to prison. But over a decade later in 2002, another man confessed to the crime and the men were exonerated.