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Fighting against a New York speeding ticket

If you have been given a speeding ticket in the state of New York, you may feel adamant that you were not over the legal speed limit. You may feel that it is an administrative error, a mistake or a case of mistaken identity. The cost of getting a speeding ticket can be hefty, but it can also put points on your license, which can eventually result in a loss of your license.

Delaware County man arrested on DWI charges

Most people have a difficult time resisting a drink of alcohol when they go to a party. Sometimes, they go overboard and drink too much. Other times, they toe the line and stay sober enough to drive. Still, regardless of whether they were drinking or not, every driver is at risk of getting arrested and accused of drunk driving in the State of New York. In some cases, these arrests are inappropriate and the driver is innocent.

Is it a traffic offense if I merely bump another car and leave?

When New Yorkers hear the term "hit-and-run" they likely imagine dramatic scenes where speeding vehicles collide with pedestrians and then race off without ever slowing down. While situations such as the one just described do constitute hit-and-run accidents, under New York law a hit-and-run can occur under considerably less obvious circumstances. A person can commit a hit-and-run accident on an unoccupied vehicle and there are important steps that they should take to avoid criminal liability.

Driving without a license can get a person into legal trouble

It is not uncommon for a licensed New York driver to run out of their home with their keys in their hand and forget to grab their wallet or purse. While this may not initially seem like a problem for a person who is able to get into and start their car, it may become an issue if they are stopped by a police officer or are involved in a crash and need to show their driving credential. Often when situations such as this arise a driver has a period of time during which they may bring their license in for review to demonstrate that they were in fact legal to drive at the time of their stop or accident.

What is shoplifting under New York law?

Shopping is a pastime loved by some and loathed by others. When a New Yorker needs to buy a particular item and cannot trust the power of online shopping to get them what they want in time, then they may have to walk into a store and purchase actual merchandise in order to acquire the desired item. Most shopping transactions occur without incident, but from time to time retailers may suspect that their customers are engaged in the illegal practice of shoplifting.

What is reckless driving in New York?

A driver's license is a badge of honor for many New York youths. When they are able to get their driver's license, most teens feel rush of freedom that they have never before experienced in their lives. Driving is a skill that many adults continue to use as they age so that they can get to their jobs, travel where they want to go, and help their families.

Protect your record when accused of traffic offenses

Every year millions of Americans are stopped by law enforcement officials for allegedly speeding. Speeding is a traffic offense that occurs when a driver allegedly operates their motor vehicle above the legal and posted limit for the location where they are driving. Speeding tickets and citations are issued every day in New York, and often the drivers who receive them simply pay the fine that applies to their alleged offense and move on with their lives.

Penalties for alleged speeding in New York

Driving is a privilege enjoyed by many New Yorkers but it is also a necessity for those who must use their personal cars to get their kids to school, take themselves to work and travel to the shops and stores where they buy the goods their families need each and every day. The threat of losing one's driving privileges due to alleged speeding can be a devastating blow to a person who relies on their ability to operate a motor vehicle. In many cases it is advisable for a person facing speeding charges to challenge the allegations brought against them as the penalties associated with speeding convictions can be significant.

Strategies for challenging traffic citations

It may be possible to defend against traffic offenses which is an option that it can be helpful to be familiar with. Traffic tickets, such as speeding and other traffic offenses, can be costly in different ways including fines and points that can impact insurance. As a result, different strategies can help fight traffic tickets and it can be helpful to be familiar with what they are.

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