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New York man pleads guilty to drug and weapon charges

A New York auto body shop owner pleaded guilty on Sept. 9 to drug and weapon charges. According to the report, the man was sentenced to two years in prison. The report also stated that director Martin Scorsese's nephew was working at the same shop and was also accused of being involved in illegal drug activity.

Authorities claimed that the man sold alleged heroin multiple times in April to an undercover officer. Following the alleged drug sales, the authorities then executed a search warrant on the auto shop on April 30. They reportedly seized 72 bags of heroin from a jacket that was hanging inside the auto shop. Additionally, three bags of heroin and an alprazolam pill were discovered in a container. The following day, authorities conducted a second search warrant on a home owned by the man. They claimed that they seized a total of 272 bags of heroin, 10 alprazolam pills and drug paraphernalia from the residence. Additionally, eight guns were allegedly found.

8 people indicted for penny stock fraud

A New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan recently indicted eight people for an alleged "pump-and-dump" scheme involving penny stocks. The accused individuals include three stock promoters and five other people that they reportedly worked with. According to the indictment, the scheme resulted in thousands of investors being defrauded from April 2009 to May 2012.

The alleged fraud involved the use of websites that were controlled by the stock promoters. The websites allegedly promoted stocks through emails that would be sent to potential investors. Officials allege that the promoters would artificially drive up the stock prices by taking control over public shell companies and then issue millions of the shares to themselves.

2 arrested on heroin possession charges

Two people in New Jersey were arrested after police discovered a significant amount of heroin in their vehicle on Sept. 2. The traffic stop occurred on the northbound side of Interstate 81 nearby Syracuse. The vehicle had been targeted through an ongoing investigation headed by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Strike Force. The investigation was a collaboration between local and federal law enforcement agencies working to decrease the amount of heroin available in Central New York.

A 34-year-old man and 22-year-old woman were riding in the vehicle when it was stopped. Officers reportedly recovered 21 bricks of heroin that had a total weight of 31.5 grams. The estimated street value of the bust was projected to be around $10,500. The pair now faces three counts relating to criminal possession of a controlled substance. They were charged with felony counts of possessing of a large amount of heroin and intent to distribute. They also face misdemeanor charges for possessing it in smaller amounts as well.

Mother allegedly asleep in hot car with infant son and heroin

A New York mother is facing serious charges after police found her passed out in her vehicle on Sep. 1. When police approached the 28-year-old woman in a Levittown parking lot, she was reportedly found asleep in her 2013 Dodge Dart while her infant son sat in the backseat. At the time of the incident, the woman was allegedly in possession of three glassine bags of heroin and a hypodermic needle.

Police claim all of the windows in the woman's car were closed, and the vehicle was locked. After police allegedly knocked on the window several times, the woman eventually awakened to open the door. She was then taken into custody and charged for reckless endangerment, criminal contempt and endangering the welfare of a child. Although drug charges were not mentioned in the initial reports, the woman's alleged drug use and unsupervised visit with the child were reportedly a violation of a protective order that had previously been issued.

Alleged drunk driver hits 9 cars in upstate New York

A man from upstate New York has been accused of driving a vehicle that ran into several other vehicles over the course of a few minutes. Authorities believe that the man may also have been under the influence of intoxicants at the time of the accident.

The incident began in Canandaigua on Aug. 27 when a vehicle struck another car on Thompson Street. Instead of stopping to inspect the damage, the driver of the vehicle allegedly drove off and got into a series of other small collisions involving nine other automobiles and six different accident scenes. Witnesses claim to have flashed their car lights, and one put his vehicle in the path of the other man's travel to stop him. Two nearby individuals then smashed the driver's side window of the car, turned off the car and removed the keys.

Drug charges dismissed in Philip Seymour Hoffman's death

A 58-year-old jazz musician who was facing drug charges in New York after the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has had those charges dropped. The police had claimed that the man supplied the heroin that Hoffman used in his accidental overdose.

The man claims he is innocent and said he never sold drugs to Hoffman. However, the charges were dropped after it was revealed that the two arresting officers did not read him his Miranda rights. Among other things, Miranda rights deal with the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. Because the officers failed to do this, the man's statements at the time of his arrest were inadmissible.

New York football pro charged with DWI

Football fans in New York will not be seeing defensive tackle Alan Branch suit up for the Buffalo Bills during the 2014-15 NFL season. A representative for the Bills organization announced on Aug. 24 that the veteran pass rusher has been released by the team following a drunk driving incident in Cheektowaga. This marks the latest episode in the changing fortunes of the eight-year pro who had been awarded a lucrative three-year contract extension by the Bills after the 2013 season.

Police say that they became suspicious when they observed Branch leaning out of his vehicle and vomiting on Aug. 23. The player then allegedly performed poorly during a field sobriety test before consenting to a breath test. The breath test is said to have recorded a blood alcohol level of .14 percent. Branch was subsequently taken into custody and charged with DWI.

New York woman accused of sideswiping vehicle in DWI

Police say that a Midland Beach woman was driving under the influence when she sideswiped a vehicle in the early hours of Aug. 20. The accident occurred on the northbound West Shore Expressway in the vicinity of the Victory Boulevard exit at approximately 1:20 a.m. According to police, the woman used an ethnic slur to describe the other party involved in the accident when she was questioned in regards to the incident.

New York Police claim that the 33-year-old woman's 2005 BMW sideswiped a 2009 Toyota Camry on the Expressway. The woman then allegedly attempted to flee the scene of the accident on foot, but an NYPD officer reportedly discovered her on a service road shortly after.

Authorities accuse 6 New Jersey people of drug trafficking

It was reported on Aug. 13 that six people were arraigned on charges relating to a large New Jersey drug ring that dealt with heroin. According to the report, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office began the investigation into an alleged drug ring nearly one year ago.

The alleged leader of the ring was identified as a 41-year-old man who was arraigned on Aug. 13. He was charged with conspiracy and drug possession. Eight others who were accused of being involved in the ring have already pleaded guilty to the charges while seven of them have already received their sentences. Authorities said that five additional people were involved, but the authorities were reportedly still attempting to track them down and their identities were not known.

New York correctional officer charged with drug possession

A New York jail guard was arraigned on Aug. 12 on charges of drug possession after being taken into custody the previous day. According to the report, he was accused of being in possession of amphetamines with the intent to sell them. The guard reportedly worked at the Nassau County Correctional Center.

Prosecutors stated that the 29-year-old guard purchased 10 Adderall pills prior to his shift. Investigators stated that they observed him taking part in the transaction. Following the transaction, which took place on Division Avenue in Levittown, the guard allegedly told investigators that a woman had just sold him the pills.