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New York football pro charged with DWI

Football fans in New York will not be seeing defensive tackle Alan Branch suit up for the Buffalo Bills during the 2014-15 NFL season. A representative for the Bills organization announced on Aug. 24 that the veteran pass rusher has been released by the team following a drunk driving incident in Cheektowaga. This marks the latest episode in the changing fortunes of the eight-year pro who had been awarded a lucrative three-year contract extension by the Bills after the 2013 season.

Police say that they became suspicious when they observed Branch leaning out of his vehicle and vomiting on Aug. 23. The player then allegedly performed poorly during a field sobriety test before consenting to a breath test. The breath test is said to have recorded a blood alcohol level of .14 percent. Branch was subsequently taken into custody and charged with DWI.

New York woman accused of sideswiping vehicle in DWI

Police say that a Midland Beach woman was driving under the influence when she sideswiped a vehicle in the early hours of Aug. 20. The accident occurred on the northbound West Shore Expressway in the vicinity of the Victory Boulevard exit at approximately 1:20 a.m. According to police, the woman used an ethnic slur to describe the other party involved in the accident when she was questioned in regards to the incident.

New York Police claim that the 33-year-old woman's 2005 BMW sideswiped a 2009 Toyota Camry on the Expressway. The woman then allegedly attempted to flee the scene of the accident on foot, but an NYPD officer reportedly discovered her on a service road shortly after.

Authorities accuse 6 New Jersey people of drug trafficking

It was reported on Aug. 13 that six people were arraigned on charges relating to a large New Jersey drug ring that dealt with heroin. According to the report, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Onondaga County District Attorney's Office began the investigation into an alleged drug ring nearly one year ago.

The alleged leader of the ring was identified as a 41-year-old man who was arraigned on Aug. 13. He was charged with conspiracy and drug possession. Eight others who were accused of being involved in the ring have already pleaded guilty to the charges while seven of them have already received their sentences. Authorities said that five additional people were involved, but the authorities were reportedly still attempting to track them down and their identities were not known.

New York correctional officer charged with drug possession

A New York jail guard was arraigned on Aug. 12 on charges of drug possession after being taken into custody the previous day. According to the report, he was accused of being in possession of amphetamines with the intent to sell them. The guard reportedly worked at the Nassau County Correctional Center.

Prosecutors stated that the 29-year-old guard purchased 10 Adderall pills prior to his shift. Investigators stated that they observed him taking part in the transaction. Following the transaction, which took place on Division Avenue in Levittown, the guard allegedly told investigators that a woman had just sold him the pills.

3 face drug charges in New York

Allentown police vice officers have detained three individuals in relation to their alleged drug activities. The officers claim to have seen a trio of men arrive in two separate vehicles while they were in the process of a drug investigation.

A 42-year-old man arrived in one car; police claim that the man was carrying a bag of heroin and two bags of cocaine in the trunk of the vehicle. The second car contained a 34-year-old man and a 36-year-old man; police say they discovered a digital scale in that vehicle. The men were detained around 11 p.m. on the evening of Aug. 4.

Man charged in New York credit card fraud case

A 38-year-old man from Bayside, Queens, was taken into custody on Aug. 7 in connection with fraudulent credit card and counterfeit document use. A Westbury hotel reportedly experienced losses of $18,000 due to the man's presentation of fraudulent cards in payment during his time staying at the premises. Payments were eventually declined by the credit card company. Authorities indicate the man rented another room in East Garden City where a search was reportedly made with his consent. The search allegedly turned up several identifications and credit cards that were fraudulent as well as counterfeit driver's licenses. He was also allegedly in possession of equipment and materials needed for the production of such documents.

Formal charges filed against the man include possession of a forgery device along with five counts for possession of forged instruments. A 3rd degree grand larceny charge is also faced in connection with these alleged white collar crimes. Arraignment was scheduled for August 8.

Alleged music festival "Molly" dealer charged

A 23-year-old New York man who was accused of selling the drug "Molly" to an Electric Zoo music festival concertgoer who died from an overdose in 2013 was charged on July 29. According to the report, the man was accused of selling approximately 80 pills to three people at the event, including the person who died. It was stated that the pills were a combination of Molly and methylone.

The authorities stated that the 23-year-old concert attendee took an unknown number of the pills and then collapsed and suffered a seizure. He was taken to a nearby hospital very early on Aug. 31, 2013. According to the report, he was unresponsive and had a fever of 108 degrees. Another person attending the event also died from an overdose.

New York man faces multiple drug charges

Law enforcement officials took a 54-year-old man from Elizabethtown into custody for the second time since June on drug-related charges, according to authorities. On July 31, New York State police executed an arrest warrant on the man, who was already incarcerated in Essex County Jail, for allegedly possessing and selling heroin. Authorities said the warrant resulted from an investigation coordinated between state police and the Essex County Sheriff's Office. Consequently, the 54-year-old man is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance.

On June 3, law enforcement officials reportedly found the 54-year-old man with marijuana and 15 bags of heroin after a traffic stop on Route 9N. Police took the man into custody for drug-related charges as well as DWAI-drugs.

New York man charged with DWI after striking and killing friend

Police in New York say that a 23-year-old man was intoxicated when he struck and killed a female friend with his SUV in the early hours of July 26. The man's scheduled arraignment on drunk driving charges was postponed after he was admitted to the psychiatric ward of Stony Brook Hospital the following day. Authorities say that he could remain in the Long Island medical facility for at least 72 hours.

According to police, the victim had been sitting in the man's vehicle in a parking lot when she decided to exit the SUV and walk home. She is said to have been concerned about the man's level of intoxication. The woman proceeded to walk for about half a mile. The man then drove and caught up with her. Police say the man struck the 21-year-old as he pulled over his SUV to speak with her.

6 charged for involvement in StubHub ticket scam

New York concertgoers may have heard that six people were indicted on July 23 for stealing account information from StubHub in order to illegally buy approximately 3,500 tickets. Prosecutors charged the accused individuals with 117 counts that included money laundering, possession of stolen property and grand larceny.

The indictment documents stated that a 30-year-old man and a 21-year-old man used accounts that had stored credit card information to buy tickets. They would then give them to fences who could sell them at a discount. However, StubHub added security measures after catching on to the alleged activities. The two accused individuals apparently then began to use stolen credit card information to make the purchases. The 30-year-old man was taken into custody while he was on vacation in Spain and was expected to be returned to the U.S. later.