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New York woman facing DWI felony charge after traffic stop

Authorities in New York have reported that a 35-year-old woman accused of driving while intoxicated for the fourth time will face a felony charge. The Palisades resident was taken into custody during the early morning hours of Oct. 17 after being stopped for a traffic violation. A records check revealed that the woman had been convicted of drunk driving in 2004, 2008 and 2009. New York law allows prosecutors to file felony charges against motorists accused of drunk driving when they have had at least one DWI conviction during the past 10 years. After being taken into custody, the woman was transported to a detention facility in South Nyack.

According to a Rockland County police report, officers pulled the woman's vehicle over after they observed it failing to obey a stop sign. The incident occurred on Route 9W near the New York State Thruway in South Nyack at approximately 1:10 a.m.

Man sentenced for defrauding Broadway producers

A man in New York was sentenced to 34 months in prison on Oct. 10 after admitting that he had defrauded the producers of a Broadway musical. According to one of the producers who attended the sentencing hearing, "Rebecca - The Musical" was never debuted as a result of the man's actions. After pleading guilty to the white-collar crimes, the accused man was also ordered to pay $68,000 to the play's producers.

In January 2012, the producers of the musical realized that they needed to secure an additional $4 million to fund their show. The accused man had allegedly told the producers that he was able to secure $4.5 million from four different investors who they later found out were fictitious. During the scheme, the man reportedly asked the producers to reimburse him for various expenses, including for an $18,000 safari trip.

Man charged for felony drug possession at dice game

A 22-year-old man in New York was taken into custody while hosting a dice game in a driveway. Syracuse authorities say money was being exchanged during the game, and the man was also found to be in possession of a controlled substance. He was charged for third- and fourth-degree felony criminal possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and a violation of gambling laws.

According to reports, the drug charges were a result of items that were discovered in the accused man's jacket. Police allegedly found three plastic bags containing a beige material that tested positive for cocaine.

New York legislator accused of drunk driving in bicycle crash

Police say that the representative for the 13th district on the Broome County Legislature was drunk when he hit a cyclist with his vehicle in Binghamton and left the scene. The incident allegedly happened after the 49-year-old legislator, who is the son of the DMV commissioner, had been drinking at a bar.

The host of an area public access television program told the media that the man took advantage of a three-for-two drink special at a bar called Merlin's. The host noted that the man lives 10 blocks from the bar but apparently could not drive that far safely. According to officials, the cyclist refused medical treatment for a minor injury. The legislator was detained shortly after midnight at his home and charged with drunk driving.

New York man taken into custody on weapons charges

Police say that a 51-year-old man was taken into custody on Oct. 2 at around 6:13 p.m. Authorities initially arrived at a home on Carl Street in Nassau after a report of a man with a gun. When they arrived, the man told police that he had a gun in his house and they could search the home.

Once inside, authorities reportedly found a variety of guns including an AK-47 and SKS and Marlin rifles. There was also a Colt .380 semi-automatic pistol found. In addition to the guns, seven bags containing a substance believed to have been cocaine were also found on the property, according to reports. The man was then taken into custody without incident. After taking the man into custody, authorities continued a search of the house and found two switchblades, a dagger and ammunition for the Colt.

Police search house; detain 3 men for drug possession

After police searched a New York home on Sept. 24, they took three men into custody for criminal possession of a controlled substance. The Clarkstown Police Department carried out the search after an investigation was launched into complaints about people selling drugs out of the West Clarkstown Road home.

Local police have reportedly been pursuing heroin dealers in Rockland County and attempting to help heroin addicts in the area. With the help from state police and the FBI, authorities aim to shut down the supply of heroin entering the area from New York City and New Jersey. The district attorney for Rockland County says that they aim to identify the major heroin suppliers through social media and intel.

New York man charged with aggravated DWI after traffic stop

A 25-year-old New York man was charged with DWI after police pulled him over early in the morning on Sept. 21. Officers said that the Long Island man failed to maintain his lane while driving on westbound Middle Country Road in Selden, prompting the traffic stop at about 3:30 a.m.

Officers conducted an interview during the traffic stop, after which they said he was impaired. They claimed that the man's two daughters were riding with him in his 2012 Volkswagen Passat at the time of the traffic stop.

New York man faces multiple burglary charges

The search of a residence in connection with a nearly three-month investigation has led to a 57-year-old Wellsville man being taken into custody. The man is accused of burglarizing a laundromat and a disco in the community. The initial alleged offense occurred on July 8 as the man reportedly burglarized the laundromat. The second incident took place on Sept. 7 when the man reportedly broke into the same business a second time. The disco break-in occurred on Sept. 14.

The criminal charges for the first laundromat incident include second-degree criminal mischief, third-degree burglary, fifth-degree possession of stolen goods and petit larceny. The criminal mischief and burglary charges are felony offenses, and the remaining charges are misdemeanors. Charges for the second incident at the laundromat include attempted burglary in the third degree, criminal mischief, and possession of burglar's tools. Charges faced in connection with the disco break-in include third-degree criminal mischief and burglary along with petit larceny and fifth-degree possession of stolen property.

Several accused of drug trafficking after 9-month investigation

On Sept. 18, police in New York detained 34 people and indicted seven others in a series of drug raids. According to police, heroin and cocaine with a street value of nearly $1 million was seized from various residences in Syracuse during what was called "Operation Horseback." The raids were reportedly the result of a nine-month investigation into two alleged drug rings by state police, Syracuse police and the Attorney General's Statewide Organized Crime Task Force.

Three of the accused individuals have received drug charges that could lead to the potential of being handed a life sentence in prison. According to sources, a charge of operating as a major trafficker is apparently the only federal narcotics charge in New York with such a severe maximum sentence.

New York man pleads guilty to drug and weapon charges

A New York auto body shop owner pleaded guilty on Sept. 9 to drug and weapon charges. According to the report, the man was sentenced to two years in prison. The report also stated that director Martin Scorsese's nephew was working at the same shop and was also accused of being involved in illegal drug activity.

Authorities claimed that the man sold alleged heroin multiple times in April to an undercover officer. Following the alleged drug sales, the authorities then executed a search warrant on the auto shop on April 30. They reportedly seized 72 bags of heroin from a jacket that was hanging inside the auto shop. Additionally, three bags of heroin and an alprazolam pill were discovered in a container. The following day, authorities conducted a second search warrant on a home owned by the man. They claimed that they seized a total of 272 bags of heroin, 10 alprazolam pills and drug paraphernalia from the residence. Additionally, eight guns were allegedly found.