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300 Teens Allegedly Trash New York Home of Ex-NFL Player


People in New York generally know that teenagers make mistakes and get into trouble. They are bigger risk-takers than adults and can be more affected by peer pressure than older people. They are also at an age where they may just want to rebel from their parents and assert their independence.

All of these factors can add up to some pretty bad decisions. Many of us have made mistakes as teenagers, and we may regret them, but we also know that we can and have learned from them. This is the opportunity that hundreds of teens in New York may get after 300 of them were allegedly involved in property crimes, underage drinking and drug use. Will they learn from their mistakes, or face serious criminal charges??

According to reports, about 300 students learned that a home owned by a former NFL player would be vacant one weekend. It was a large home, up for sale and would be empty and the kids decided it was the perfect place to have a party. Over the course of an evening, about 300 kids showed up to join in the festivities. However, before long, the party took a bad turn.

Some of the partygoers were punching holes in the walls, destroying the carpet and flooring and stealing items from around the home. There were also some kids who were drinking and using drugs, then putting pictures of themselves on social media sites. None of these was a very smart decision.

Now, there are hundreds of kids who may end up getting in some serious trouble for their behaviors. But it would be unfair to assume every child was engaged in every destructive or unlawful action, so it is crucial that the situation be thoroughly investigated. There will likely be many witness statements and photos posted online to go through, not to mention the reputations and futures that may be at stake. With that in mind, it may be a good idea for parents of these children, and those of other students in similar situations, to speak with a criminal defense attorney. With legal support, it may be possible to protect a teen from inaccurate charges and overly-harsh punishment. 

Source: NPR, “Teens Trash Ex-NFL Player’s Home And Parents Are Mad At Him?” Mark Memmott, Sept. 20, 2013

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