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Credit Card Fraud

In the past, credit card fraud was limited to physically stealing a card and using it to purchase goods and services. Today, this crime has many faces, including stealing card numbers electronically.

With credit card fraud and identify theft on the rise, New York lawmakers and prosecutors are fully dedicated to catching and punishing the perpetrators. In order to defend yourself against such charges, you need an experienced criminal defender who understands these complex laws and is willing to give your matter the attention it needs.

Have You Been Accused Of A Credit Card Scam?

When you work with Lerner & Lerner, P.C., in Nassau County, we will treat your matter with the priority and dedication that it requires. We understand that superior legal advocacy can mean the difference between dismissal and conviction, or full punishment and reduced penalties. While our lawyers can never promise an outcome, we have more than 50 years of combined legal experience — that’s more than five decades with a solid track record of success.

Types Of Credit Card Theft

Our lawyers understand the complexities associated with any type of credit card fraud, including instances of:

  • Stealing a physical credit card and making charges
  • Stealing credit card numbers electronically
  • Merchandise card fraud
  • Making fake credit cards
  • Altering another person’s credit card for purposes of fraud
  • Forging gift cards

While criminal charges obviously need to be addressed in matters of credit card fraud, the case will also focus on restitution to the victims. We can help you understand what the victims and the prosecutors are looking for, and how to best position yourself for favorable results.

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