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Criminal Mischief Is No Minor Matter

Names can be deceiving. The words “criminal mischief” may evoke imagery of youthful pranks or troublemaking, however, the penalties for these types of crimes can be quite serious. If you are currently facing criminal mischief charges, it is crucial that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At Lerner & Lerner, P.C., we offer an extensive and diverse background in the criminal justice system. With the balanced perspective that comes from serving as prosecutors, both of our lawyers are well-equipped to defend clients against serious criminal charges in Nassau County.

What Constitutes Criminal Mischief In New York?

The State of New York issues criminal mischief charges at both the misdemeanor and felony level. If there is an allegation that someone damages property up to $250 then they can be charged with an A Misdemeanor. If the value is over $250, this may lead to felony prosecution, which can have life-altering ramifications. Offenses that could be considered criminal mischief include:

  • Breaking into or stripping down a vehicle.
  • The act of painting graffiti or possessing graffiti instruments.
  • Destruction of property, including damaging an abandoned building.

Criminal mischief charges can result in significant fines and incarceration. A felony conviction may also make it difficult for you to secure employment or a place of residence in the future. Having a fierce advocate on your side in the face of such charges can be instrumental to mounting a successful defense.

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