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Prostitution & Solicitation

Prostitution is not taken lightly by the police in New York. It is viewed as an ongoing problem, and law enforcement officials make it a priority to continually seek arrests for this crime. However, not all cases involving prostitution are clear-cut. Even if you did commit the crime, you still have rights, and you still deserve a vigorous defense.

The lawyers at Lerner & Lerner, P.C., represent individuals who have been charged with prostitution in Nassau County and beyond. Some of our clients have been caught while engaging in sexual acts for money, while others were caught simply agreeing to engage in sexual acts for money.

We Understand The Sensitive Nature Of These Charges

Regardless of your specific circumstances, our lawyers have the experience to build a solid defense. We will thoroughly investigate all the evidence presented by the police and look for holes in their proof or for instances of illegal procedure. We have a strong track record of obtaining favorable pleas, including reduced charges and penalties.

If you have been charged with prostitution but are the victim of human trafficking, we understand the complicated nature of your circumstances. Our lawyers will work with the prosecutors to find a fair resolution.

Defending Against Charges Of Solicitation

At Lerner & Lerner, P.C., we provide skilled and discreet legal services for those charged with solicitation. Our lawyers understand the sensitive nature of your alleged offense and are here to fight on your behalf — not to judge. There are many legal avenues we can explore when building your defense. Oftentimes, with a thorough investigation of the facts, we can identify errors in the prosecution’s case.

Whether you were the victim of entrapment, were caught during a sting operation or have been falsely accused, our lawyers are committed to help you find the best possible solutions to your criminal charges.

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