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Illegal Possession Of Firearms

If you are accused of illegal possession of a firearm in Nassau County or anywhere in New York, the cards are stacked against you. These cases can be very difficult to defend, as the evidence is usually straightforward and clear. However, just because these charges are hard to address, it does not mean it is impossible to find favorable solutions.

Facing Gun Charges In New York State

When people think about crimes involving guns, they assume it means using a gun to intimidate, rob or harm another person. However, you can also be charged with a crime for the illegal possession of a gun or illegally carrying a registered gun — even if it is unloaded and you did not have sinister motives.

If you are charged with illegally carrying a loaded gun, you can face a felony charge and a three-year minimum prison sentence. Even if there were no bullets in the chamber, if they were accessible to you, it still qualifies as a loaded gun.

While it used to be a misdemeanor to have an unlicensed gun in your home, stricter gun laws have now made this a felony.

Defending Against The Most Difficult Criminal Charges

At the Nassau County law firm of Lerner & Lerner, P.C., we deal with complex criminal defense matters every single day. Under the direction of skilled attorney Kimberly Lerner, we have successfully represented numerous individuals who faced illegal gun possession charges.

Our first step will be to investigate the stop, search and arrest in your case. The police are required to follow strict search and seizure protocol when they suspect a person of illegal firearm possession, but they do not always go by the book. If your rights were violated during the incident, our legal team will fight to have the charges dismissed.

If dismissal is not a realistic option, we will proceed with aggressive trial strategies. Charges for illegal possession of firearms are rarely resolved during plea negotiations, so it is important to work with attorneys who have extensive trial experience. Not only do our lawyers regularly defend clients at trial, we are also former prosecutors, so we understand the opposition and can anticipate how they will approach your trial prosecution.

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