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Officials arrest 18 ‘party-pack’ sellers before Super Bowl


The Super Bowl typically generates a lot of excitement and business every year. Many New Yorkers are excited that this year, the game is being played nearby, and some people are taking advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities. However, not all of the business endeavors are lawful.

Recently, authorities arrested 18 people who are believed to have been involved in some suspect business ventures. Several agencies joined forces to tackle what they believe to be complex prostitution and drug ring based out of Manhattan. In just one night, task forces and New York police raided businesses and made arrests after spending a year investigating the operation that sold so-called “party packs.”

According to reports, the people who were arrested were involved in promoting and facilitating drug sales and prostitution during high-profile events like the Super Bowl. Authorities believe that the operation advertised packages of drugs and sex to wealthy out-of-town visitors. After a person would purchase these party packs, a prostitute would be sent out to deliver drugs and other services. The money generated from these sales would then be laundered through a number of small businesses in the area.

But the case is hardly closed. Sources report that authorities hope that the arrests will allow them to further investigate the party-pack operation and track down other people who may be involved. And when operations like this one are uncovered, police often approach any person who may be involved in the hopes of tracking down more names. They may also investigate bank accounts, email exchanges and cellphone records of anyone they believe has ties to the operation.

Those who are in this or a similar situation could be under investigation. Even if it is ultimately determined that a person played no role whatsoever in the operation, the police may search his or her home, seize computers and make an arrest simply to try and get information. This can be very upsetting and frightening for any person. However, as soon as a person learns they may be under investigation or is facing criminal charges, he or she can speak with an attorney who can work to protect a person’s rights and make sure authorities do not unfairly target, harass, arrest or charge a person in the interest of furthering their own investigation.