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New York Man Charged for DWI-Drugs After 2-Car Crash


A 23-year-old man from West Seneca was charged for DWI-drugs after being involved in a collision in Elma on July 15. In addition to the impaired driving charge, the man was reportedly cited for several traffic violations because of the incident. The man is expected to appear in Town of Elma Court to deal with the charges.

Deputies for the Erie County Sheriff’s Office say the incident occurred while the man was driving eastbound on Bullis Road. At about 9:45 p.m., the man crossed over the centerline and entered the westbound lane before hitting a mailbox. When he attempted to drive back into the eastbound lane, the man collided with a second car that had been traveling westbound.

Following the crash, both drivers were transported to Erie County Medical Center for treatment of pain in their arms and chests. After receiving treatment, the accused driver was taken into custody by deputies at the hospital. The Erie County Sheriff’s Office reported that this incident was the 134th DWI arrest in the county this year. Neither the type of chemical test the man was given to warrant the charge for DWI-drugs nor the type of drugs that police believed to be in his system were detailed in the available report.

Someone charged with a similar offense, such as drunk driving, may want to consult a DWI defense attorney about possible defense strategies. An attorney may begin by carefully examining and questioning the details of the chemical test that was given to the accused driver. At times, errors made during the testing process may cause the test results to be considered unreliable as evidence in court.

Source:, “Two-car crash leads to DWI-Drug charges“, Aaron Mason, July 16, 2014