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New York Pistol License Application Requirements


Some people make the mistake of assuming that, because they have a right to keep and bear arms, they can freely own and carry pistols. New York law requires that people must apply for and receive a pistol license, however, before a person can own this particular type of gun. Failing to get a license to own a pistol can thus potentially expose a person who has one to criminal charges.

According to the Nassau County Police Department, people must do several things in order to receive a pistol license in Nassau County. The applicant must either live in the county or operate a business in it. If the person is not 21 years old, they must be a member of the U.S. Armed Services. Any person who submits an application must also not have been dishonorably discharged from the military, and they cannot have been convicted of a felony in any state.

Those who have prior misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence will also be prevented from obtaining a pistol license. Applicants must be shown through a background check to be of good moral character. The application must be submitted with the required fees and notarized statements. Prior to obtaining a pistol, they must then wait for a decision regarding their eligibility to obtain one under the law.

People sometimes end up facing weapons charges simply because they do not understand the required process. Others may be unaware that their backgrounds prevent them from owning guns at all. Someone who is charged with a weapons offense may find it advisable to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Legal counsel may choose to negotiate with the prosecutor on behalf of their clients in order to secure dismissals of charges or favorable plea arrangements.