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Protecting Your Rights During a Criminal Legal Matter


Often when a crime allegedly occurs much of the narrative surrounds the alleged victim. The victim is the person who purportedly suffered the consequences of another person’s alleged criminal actions, and in New York and other American jurisdictions the person who allegedly committed the criminal wrongdoing is the defendant. Defendants are often seen as bad individuals even before the facts of their cases are heard due to the allegations prosecutors bring against them.

However, it is often this one-sided understanding of criminal law that leaves criminal defendants at a disadvantage. Just as victims are asked to tell their stories to support the charges that prosecutors lodge against defendants, so too should defendants have the right to explain the circumstances of their charges. Criminal defendants should be reminded that they have rights and are encouraged to put forth their sides of their stories to ensure that their cases are heard fairly and consistently.

The attorneys of Lerner & Lerner are committed to serving the legal needs of criminal defendants in Carle Place and the surrounding community. They believe that the law should be fairly applied and that defendants should be encouraged to advocate for their own rights when those rights are threatened by criminal charges.

Different criminal charges may be met with different criminal defense strategies and for this reason it can be helpful for a person facing criminal charges to consult with attorneys who understand the laws of the jurisdiction in which the charges were filed. The lawyers of Lerner & Lerner know New York criminal law and are prepared to serve the needs of criminal defense clients who want to prepare themselves for the trials that may change the courses of their lives.