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New Yorker Faces DWI and Drug Charges After Traffic Stop


It is important for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights. A man from a nearby New York community is facing DWI charges following a traffic stop. The man is accused of drunk driving and possessing drugs. The 28-year old man was stopped for violation of vehicle and traffic laws. Following the routine traffic stop, authorities alleged they observed that the man’s eyes were blood shot and watery and that his breath had a strong odor of alcohol.

According to authorities, the man failed multiple field sobriety tests and was also found to be in possession of concentrated cannabis. He was charged with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. He was also cited for violations related to his vehicle. Criminal charges such as DWI charges can potentially derail the professional and personal life of an accused individual and may impact educational and other opportunities as well.

Because of the serious nature of drunk driving charges, and the penalties associated with them, it is important to ensure that the rules and procedures in place for the protection of accused individuals were properly honored and followed when a routine traffic stop turns into more serious criminal charges such as drunk driving charges or drug charges which can carry stiff penalties. The penalties and consequences of criminal charges can be extensive.

Authorities must follow protections related to searches, seizures and the rights of accused individuals not to incriminate themselves. When they fail to do so, it may be possible to challenge the evidence and charges against the accused individual which makes familiarity with criminal defense rights paramount.

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