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Driving Without a License Can Get a Person Into Legal Trouble


It is not uncommon for a licensed New York driver to run out of their home with their keys in their hand and forget to grab their wallet or purse. While this may not initially seem like a problem for a person who is able to get into and start their car, it may become an issue if they are stopped by a police officer or are involved in a crash and need to show their driving credential. Often when situations such as this arise a driver has a period of time during which they may bring their license in for review to demonstrate that they were in fact legal to drive at the time of their stop or accident.

The scenarios mentioned in the prior paragraph generally are not included in driving without a license charges. These charges involve the alleged conduct of operating a vehicle when the driver has not obtained a license to do so. It can apply to a person who does not possess a license driving a personal vehicle, or to a person with a general driver’s license who allegedly drives a large commercial vehicle for which they would need a separate credential.

The penalties associated with driving without a license can be costly. For example, a person convicted of this charge may be fined up to $300 and may have to spend more than two weeks in jail.

As with all other criminal matters, driving without a license can be serious and can impact an individual’s futures. It is important that those facing traffic offense charges understand how the law applies to the facts of their case, so they can formulate a strong defense.