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What are the penalties for petit larceny shoplifting in New York?


It is important to not underestimate the seriousness of being accused of shoplifting. Shoplifting is a crime and accusations of it can lead to a person facing charges.

A common type of charge that can come out of allegations of shoplifting here in New York is petit larceny. Under New York law, most thefts of $1,000 or less fall under the category of petit larceny. Unlike grand larceny, petit larceny is a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

However, this does not mean that being charged with petit larceny in relation to accusations of shoplifting is no big deal. Being convicted of petit larceny can have considerable impacts.

For one, jail time is on the table for the crime of petit larceny. A conviction on this offense can land a person behind bars for up to a year.

Also, such a conviction can have major financial ramifications for a person. A fine of up to $1,000 can be given for petit larceny.

A conviction of petit larceny also puts a theft crime on a person’s record. This can have negative impacts on many things, including one’s career and reputation.

It is important to fully understand the seriousness of the situation when facing allegations of shoplifting items $1,000 or less in value. Underestimating the potential consequences could lead to a person failing to take proper steps to protect his or her rights in the face of such accusations. This, in turn, could have major ramifications for his or her future. So, getting the full picture of one’s situation and what can be done in response by talking to a skilled legal professional can be a very wise step following the leveling of such allegations.