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Protect Your Record When Accused of Traffic Offenses


Every year millions of Americans are stopped by law enforcement officials for allegedly speeding. Speeding is a traffic offense that occurs when a driver allegedly operates their motor vehicle above the legal and posted limit for the location where they are driving. Speeding tickets and citations are issued every day in New York, and often the drivers who receive them simply pay the fine that applies to their alleged offense and move on with their lives.

However, simply accepting a speeding ticket may not be a driver’s best course of action. This is because, as in other jurisdictions, New York drivers’ alleged offenses may impact their driving records as well as their right to hold a driver’s license. Drivers can accumulate points on their driving records that can, when they reach a threshold level, cause the drivers to lose their driving privileges.

The loss of one’s driving rights can be detrimental to them and detrimental to their family. Without the right to drive a person may not be able to take their children to school, get to work on time and maintain the income they need to support their family. A driver’s license gives a New Yorker the power to control their own life, and losing it due to speeding violations can be a big problem for everyone who depends on them.

The law offices of Lerner & Lerner, PC, support drivers who are facing traffic offenses and potential threats to their driving privileges. They help their clients find defense tactics and strategies that may help them mitigate or eliminate the charges that are threatening their driving privileges. Readers may reach out to the firm through their website on New York traffic offenses.