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DWI Penalties Can Be Life-Altering


At the end of last year this New York criminal defense legal blog discussed some of the charges that individuals could face if they were stopped on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Those charges ranged from a straightforward DWI charge based on the accused individual’s blood alcohol concentration exceeding .08 percent to more serious charges involving greater suspected intoxication or alleged harm caused by the stopped individuals. Even when a person is arrested for a normal DWI stop the consequences that they could face for conviction are significant.

A DWI conviction can lead to a person having their driving privileges suspended. They may be required to attend drug and alcohol treatment classes to learn about the dangers of their alleged behaviors and they may have their vehicle taken from them. In some cases a driver may retain some rights to operate their motor vehicle but they may have to have an ignition interlock device placed therein in order to have the vehicle operate.

People convicted of subsequent DWIs or whose alleged actions caused significant injuries or harm can face more significant penalties. Fines and time in prison may be imposed upon individuals whose DWI arrests involve accidents or vehicular deaths.

Moving past a DWI arrest can be difficult but getting through the consequences of a DWI conviction can be downright life-altering. A person may see their employment opportunities diminished, their rights with regard to their families altered and their privileges to drive hampered. Anyone facing a DWI charge in New York can benefit from standing up for their own rights and zealously defending themselves with the help of supportive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys.