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New York Jets Player Charged With DWI


A drunk driving charge can be alleged against any person, regardless of their age, social standing or occupation. Just recently a new draft pick to the New York Jets was arrested after allegedly causing a vehicle accident and being under the influence of alcohol the time.

Chris Herndon was allegedly driving his vehicle in the early hours of the morning when he apparently collided with another vehicle that was towing a trailer. The crash caused Herndon and the other driver to suffer minor injuries, but after the incident, Herndon was subjected to a breathalyzer test. When his test allegedly yielded a result that indicated his blood alcohol concentration was over the legal limit he was arrested, booked and released.

This incident occurred in New Jersey, but drivers throughout the nation can face a similar fate, if they are suspected of driving while drunk. Although, it may seem that once a blood or breath test yields a positive result for intoxication a defendant has no options, it is important for readers who are in Herndon’s situation to remember that they still have rights.

Blood alcohol and breath testing are imperfect processes that can be wrought with technical and operator errors. Poor operator training, imprecise calibrations and a host of other problems can cause an otherwise sober person to blow or test positive for alcohol in their body. Even when such evidence exists against an individual may they advocate for their rights. In Herndon’s case, fighting his drunk driving charge may be a necessary step in saving his NFL career and preserving his driving privileges. Readers who are in similar situations to Herndon may wish to discuss their legal options with DWI defense attorneys.