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Alleged gang leader arrested in New York


An alleged gang leader has been arrested in Brooklyn. According to police, authorities believe that the arrested man — who goes by the name of “Papa Don” — was the leader of the Mad Stone Bloods prison and street gang. In unsealed court records, Papa Don has been accused of interstate drug trafficking and racketeering.

In addition to Papa Don, seven other alleged gang members were arrested approximately a week before Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents helped track down Papa Don. Authorities believe that the alleged gang members were involved in a massive drug trafficking conspiracy.

According to court papers, Papa Don served as the global chairman and decision-maker of the criminal organization. Police also accused Papa Don of signing off on violent acts committed against enemy gangs, and that he helped promote and recruit new members in more than one state. The gang included multiple ranks of “godfathers” and “generals.”

Another arrest took place in New York City last month that pertained to the Mad Stone Bloods. According to police, the man was arrested and accused of being a “godfather” in the gang. According to the man’s email, he is currently waiting to be transited to Virginia

If you were accused by police of being a gang member — or worse, a drug kingpin — you should consider having a criminal defense attorney study your situation to determine the most appropriate way to defend against the allegations. Even if the evidence against you is strong and a conviction is likely, you may still benefit from having a skilled criminal defense attorney review the facts of your case.