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Defending a young person in New York against a criminal charge


If you are under the age of 19 in the state of New York and have been accused of a crime, it is possible that you will not be charged as an adult offender.

In order to defend yourself to the best of your ability, it is important that you take the time to understand how the law works and how young defendants are tried.

Youthful offenders

The law is quite complicated when it comes to how people under the age of 19 are treated when they get into trouble with the law. If you are aged 17 or 18, and you are accused of committing a crime, you will be treated as an adult. However, the judge may decide to give the 17- or 18-year-old youthful offender status after assessing the case. This can lead to the defendant not having a criminal record. The judge can also make the decision to do this for defendants who are younger than the age of 17.

Adolescent offenders

Recently, the law has changed in regard to how 16-year-old defendants are treated in New York. If a person was 16 when they committed a felony, and if the criminal act was committed after Sept. 30, 2018, they will be treated as an adolescent offender instead of as an adult.

A young person’s age can determine the severity of the consequences they face, but they can also influence their outcome by developing a solid defense. It is important that you learn more about the law and don’t delay action.