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Employee of the Month Facing Embezzlement Charges


When we read about people who are charged with white collar crimes such as embezzlement, the people are often employed as accountants or other jobs that put them in charge of money. Regardless of if they committed an offense, these are often the first people that authorities in New York suspect and arrest when allegations of missing money are made. 

However, simply having access is not enough to prove that a person is guilty of committing a financially-motivated crime. In fact, the investigation process is very intensive. Bank records, computer files, phone records, credit card activity and many other complex systems must be thoroughly explored in order to prove that a person has been involved in embezzlement. In some cases, charges against a person are ultimately dismissed because of what is found, or not found, during an investigation.

Recently, the part-time accountant for a popular musical and comedy troupe at Princeton University was accused of embezzling more than $100,000 from the group. Reports indicate that the man has worked as an accountant for the Princeton Club for about 20 years and is now being accused of unlawfully writing himself checks for the past three years.

The allegations don’t seem to add up. Just recently, the man’s boss raved about his performance after he was named “Employee of the Month” by Esquire magazine. And then suddenly last month, he was fired in light of the shocking accusations were made. It is not surprising that the man has denied the allegations and maintains his innocence.

An investigation into the alleged criminal behavior has been launched and now authorities will be tasked with reviewing what could be massive amounts of paperwork, computer files and bank account activities. This process is crucial in making their case, but it is also crucial in proving a person’s innocence.

People who are accused of or have been charged with this type of crime often choose to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can protect a person during the investigation process by making sure his or her rights are not violated and that authorities comply with search procedures. If inaccuracies or rights violations are identified, it is possible to have charges dismissed and person’s name cleared.

Source: ABC News, “Princeton Club Accountant Accused of Embezzlement,” Dec. 2, 2013