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Minister and Former NFL Player Formally Charged With Fraud


Former NFL player and current minister Irving Fryar was recently charged for conspiring to steal money along with his 72-year-old mother. The two were recently indicted on white collar crime charges of conspiracy and theft by deception and could face some serious repercussions if they are convicted. But their fate is far from sealed.

The two were under investigation after Fryar’s mother allegedly submitted loan documents five times in six days. Authorities discovered that the elderly woman had falsified her income levels in an attempt to engage in what they are calling a “sophisticated mortgage fraud scam.” They claim that her son, a former NFL play and the founder and minister of a church, also played a role and collected $200,000 in the alleged scheme.

According to reports, Fryar and his mother conspired to commit mortgage fraud in an attempt to collect $690,000. They are accused of falsifying loan applications in order to unlawfully collect thousands of dollars from banks.

What will likely be explored is the accusation that Fryar and his mother knew what they were doing and had put together the elaborate and sophisticated scheme. But accusing a minister and his elderly mother of conspiracy is one thing; proving it with evidence is quite another. In similar cases, defense attorneys are able to dispute unfounded accusations, scrutinize search and police procedures, question witnesses and challenge evidence in order to defend a person against charges or conviction.

When people find out that someone has been accused of or is being investigated for a crime, they often jump to conclusions and assume a person is guilty. This can be ruinous to a person’s career, reputation and standing in a community. But the fact is that charges are not convictions and investigations are not proof of any wrongdoing. However, people who are facing charges or are being investigated for criminal misconduct may want to protect themselves throughout these difficult times to avoid unlawful searches, unfair charges and other questionable practices.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Irving Fryar Indicted: Ex-NFL Player Charged With Conspiring To Steal More Than $690,000,” Oct. 16, 2013

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