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April 2014 Archives

Men wrongfully convicted of rape and murder awarded $18 million

Three men spent 18 years in prison after being convicted of raping and murdering a teenage Long Island girl in 1984. But when DNA evidence, and suggestions that a detective framed at least one of the defendants, came to light, the three were freed.

Long Island woman alleged to hold drug sales at school bus depot

A Long Island school bus driver has pleaded not guilty after being indicted on drug trafficking charges. Authorities claim that the accused woman sold heroin in between driving children to and from school. With children being involved, though tangentially, there is a good chance that prosecutors will be aggressive in their pursuit of this case.

Staten Island woman accused of leaving son at playground

Sometimes, a crime story in the media is so sensational, that the first instinct for many readers is that authorities should automatically lock up the suspect and throw away the key. Certain crimes appear to be so terrible, at least on the surface, that it may seem unfair for the defendant to be accorded due process rights.

New York judge cites double jeopardy in dismissing fraud charge

Readers may have heard the term “double jeopardy” before. In the legal world, the double jeopardy protection means that one cannot be tried for the same crime twice, with certain exceptions. It is a rule that protects people from having to repeatedly defend themselves from criminal charges based on the same accusations.

Woman says New York man was true drug dealer

Sometimes, a person is charged with a drug offense when he or she is completely innocent. In other cases, the person is guilty of a relatively minor crime like misdemeanor possession, but prosecutors charge them with a more serious felony, like distribution. This raises the stakes of the outcome of the case, because it raises the possibility of harsher penalties.

Criminal prosecutions based on hip-hop lyrics on the rise

Many people believe that art is a reflection of the human experience, without necessarily being a literal interpretation of it. But can art also be used as evidence in a criminal investigation into the artist? How reliable would such evidence be, given how subjective and prone to exaggeration art often is?

New York man to be freed 25 years after wrongful conviction

On March 31, we shared a story of a wrongful conviction being overturned after the defendant spent seven years in prison for a crime she did not commit. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system puts more innocent people behind bars than some would like to admit. Sometimes, people spend decades unjustly locked up, as in the case of a New York man who is expected to be set free on or around April 8 after nearly 25 years in prison.

Long Island man charged with being head of oxycodone conspiracy

A Long Island man is being held without bail after being charged with operating a multi-state oxycodone ring. The charges against him include conspiracy to distribute, which could mean more than 20 in prison if he is convicted.