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Long Island man charged with being head of oxycodone conspiracy


A Long Island man is being held without bail after being charged with operating a multi-state oxycodone ring. The charges against him include conspiracy to distribute, which could mean more than 20 in prison if he is convicted.

The man pleaded not guilty at his recent arraignment. Prosecutors largely base their claims against him on an investigation by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration. They accuse the defendant, 46, of leading a ring that used doctors’ prescription pads to forge prescriptions for oxycodone. Once the fake prescriptions were filled, the pills were sold along the East Coast, according to the charges.

The defendant has an attorney. Following the arraignment, the defense attorney said that the prosecution was exaggerating his client’s role in the alleged drug conspiracy.

Prosecuting people for alleged sales of prescription drugs has become a major part of the government’s “War on Drugs.” Many people who get involved in distributing prescription drugs like oxycodone do so because they are in the grip of addiction. For people in this situation, the drug court may be a viable option.

Several counties in New York offer drug courts as an alternative to a regular trial. Going to drug court involves pleading guilty, in exchange for being sent to drug treatment instead of jail. If the defendant successfully completes the program, the charge on his or her record may be reduced or even dismissed, instead of remaining on the record for the rest of his or her life.

Of course, if you are arrested for a drug crime that you did not commit, your defense attorney will construct a solid defense to the prosecution’s case, which hopefully will result in a dismissal or not guilty verdict.