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Drug charges and your college career


Drug charges can be tough for adults as well as teens, and many different issues can arise for those who have been taken into custody for an offense involving drugs. However, some people are in an especially vulnerable position when it comes to drug charges, such as those who are currently attending college or plan to in the near future. A lot of problems can surface for those who are in this position, from issues involving financial aid to the way in which these charges can affect relationships (including one’s relationship with their parents, who may play a key role in their ability to enroll or stay in college).

If you are a college student and you are charged with a drug offense, you need to examine your rights immediately. These charges may be the result of a college party that you attended, even though you typically do not participate in such activities. Or, you may have been charged with a drug offense due to peer pressure. In fact, you may even be facing drug charges even though you are innocent. For example, drugs may have been planted on you or in your vehicle, and you may have been unaware of their presence.

Regardless of why you are facing drug charges, you need to know how this could affect your future. Beyond college, drug charges can also play a role in your ability to obtain a job in certain fields. Please take the chance to read through our law office’s blog if you are looking for more information related to handling a drug case.