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DUI charges on your birthday


Every year, people across the country celebrate their birthdays, whether they have large get-togethers involving many of their friends and family members or they simply celebrate the day with a couple of friends. Often, alcohol is involved in these celebrations and people like to unwind as they welcome another year of life. However, this can lead to drunk driving charges, which can not only shatter someone’s birthday celebrations but the rest of their life.

If you were recently pulled over for driving under the influence on your birthday (or someone else’s birthday or another type of celebration, for that matter), you may be going through a lot of different emotions. You may have high levels of anxiety, you could be worried about your job, you may have concerns about whether you will be unable to drive for an extended period of time or even required to spend time behind bars.

All of these concerns highlight why it is so important for those who have been accused of drunk driving to handle DUI charges correctly. There could be different details related to your case which could drastically change how it plays out in the courtroom. Moreover, you should give yourself a solid understanding of your rights and have a clear idea of what to expect. Some of the consequences of DUI charges can disrupt life in multiple ways, especially if you are a parent or have a demanding job, for example. However, preparation can help many people work through these challenges and protect their future. We cover more on DUI charges on our site.