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Drug Charges in New York Heroin Case


A Dec. 18 press conference held by the Nassau County District Attorney and others included an announcement about nine people being detained in connection with drug trafficking. The drug charges are related to millions of dollars in heroin and other substances being sold by means of Craigslist. The alleged drug pipeline in the case was reportedly used to move the illegal substances from Mexico to the Long Island and New York City areas.

Reports indicate that authorities discovered a supply of heroin in a car engine in Queens. The street value of the supply was estimated at up to $3 million. It is believed that the ring leader has been taken into custody. Additional individuals in custody reportedly arrived in the area by plane from California.

A Brooklyn man allegedly allowed the vehicle used in transporting the drugs to be parked in an auto shop in the Queens area. It is estimated that up to $12 million per month was generated on a monthly basis for several years. Those charged could receive sentences of between 20 years and life if convicted.

In a similar case, an individual charged as part of an alleged drug trafficking ring might seek legal representation for assistance in developing a defense strategy. A lawyer could look into the arrest procedure to ensure that a defendant’s rights were not violated for instance. Because every case has its own unique factors, it is important to remember that charges do not automatically mean that there will be a conviction. A defendant has the right to present a case and hire a lawyer for assistance.

Source: WABC, “Suspects charged with running NY area heroin pipeline“, Kristin Thorne, December 18, 2014