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New York Man Pleads Guilty to Drug and Weapon Charges


A New York auto body shop owner pleaded guilty on Sept. 9 to drug and weapon charges. According to the report, the man was sentenced to two years in prison. The report also stated that director Martin Scorsese’s nephew was working at the same shop and was also accused of being involved in illegal drug activity.

Authorities claimed that the man sold alleged heroin multiple times in April to an undercover officer. Following the alleged drug sales, the authorities then executed a search warrant on the auto shop on April 30. They reportedly seized 72 bags of heroin from a jacket that was hanging inside the auto shop. Additionally, three bags of heroin and an alprazolam pill were discovered in a container. The following day, authorities conducted a second search warrant on a home owned by the man. They claimed that they seized a total of 272 bags of heroin, 10 alprazolam pills and drug paraphernalia from the residence. Additionally, eight guns were allegedly found.

Ultimately, the man pleaded guilty to felony drug possession and felony attempted weapon possession. He was scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 21. The man’s wife also pleaded guilty to a weapon possession charge. She was sentenced to a conditional discharge and a $500 fine.

Those who are facing convictions on drug charges may be facing a jail sentence, a lengthy probation and expensive fines. However, depending upon the accused person’s circumstances, an attorney may be able to fight the charges. For example, if there is a lack of evidence that the drugs belonged to the accused person or if the authorities did not follow the proper procedures during the execution of search warrants, the attorney may be able to prove that their client is not guilty of the accusations.

Source:, “Boss of Martin Scorsese’s nephew pleads guilty to gun and drug charges“, Frank Donnelly, September 09, 2014