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New York’s Nassau TASC Program


Nassau County residents who are convicted of drunk driving and whose sentences are expected to involve incarceration may have a sentencing alternative available to them called the Nassau TASC program. This is an alternative to incarceration for those who are sentenced to more than 30 days in jail and whose offenses relate to drug or alcohol.

Nassau TASC is a comprehensive program providing substance abuse treatment and support services. In order to qualify for entry into the program, participants must be facing a sentence of at least 30 days and must also be referred for the program from the criminal justice system. The offense must also have been committed in Nassau County.

Participants have to be willing to commit to a long term of substance abuse treatment lasting a minimum of 12 months. Upon entry, participants will be screened and then placed at the most appropriate treatment level for them. In addition to treatment, participants receive case management and any other need services to aid their abstinence from alcohol and drugs. Participants receive links to needed medical, educational and other resources available in the community. They should expect to meet with their case managers regularly and to submit to random urinalysis testing. Case managers provide regular reports to the court regarding the progress of people going through the program.

The philosophy behind the Nassau TASC program for those convicted of drunk driving is that in many cases, people who drink and drive are better served with treatment instead of jail. People who have a pending drunk driving charge may want to ask their criminal defense attorneys about the program and whether it may be appropriate in their cases. An attorney might help by negotiating a referral to the program in lieu of a long sentence for their clients.