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Police Confront 3 Men in Driveway


On March 31, three men in New York were detained after a joint operation between a local task force and several other departments. Police executed a search warrant on a Riverhead residence after receiving a series of complaints about concerns of drug activity in the area. The Suffolk County District Attorney funded the Multi jurisdictional drug task force leading the operation.

Police say a 29-year-old man was sitting inside a vehicle parked in the driveway as officers approached the residence to execute the search warrant. The driver allegedly put the vehicle in reverse and backed up towards officers in an attempt to evade apprehension. Reportedly, the two passengers, aged 28 and 36, both exited the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene on foot. Officers were able to detain all three individuals and deliver them to the police headquarters in Riverhead. The trio was then brought to the police department and charged with several drug-related offenses.

Officers claim they were successful in recovering drugs from within the vehicle and from within the residence. The departments credited with contributing to the investigations included the Riverhead Police Department, the Suffolk County Police Department Emergency Services Unit and the East End Drug Task Force. The two men in their 20s are both Riverhead residents, while the 36-year-old man is reportedly from Rocky Point.

Criminal defense lawyers may be able to assist people who are facing serious drug charges following an arrest. Legal counsel may be prepared to formulate a defense strategy after reviewing the events leading up to the arrest and details in the police report. Lawyers’ defense strategies typically focus on establishing grounds for reasonable doubt or discrediting the prosecutor’s assertions.

Source: Riberhead Patch, “Police: Trio Arrested on Drug Charges After Trying to Flee Police in Riverhead,” Priscila Korb, April 4, 2015