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Man Shows Cops His Heroin in New York Bus Terminal


A Port Authority police officer said that two officers noticed a man feverish and trembling in the Midtown New York bus terminal during their walking patrol. They stopped to ask if he was sick and offer help. The 24-year-old man, who was waiting in line for a bus, said that he needed some candy to raise his blood sugar because he was diabetic.

The man reportedly told them that he did not need their help and that he had some candy in his bag. He then took out a bag and opened it. Police say that this gave them a view of his bag and that they noticed a substance in it that they thought was heroin.

Police searched both the man’s bag and his pockets, and they say that they found a total of 23 grams of heroin. Authorities charged him with drug possession.

When a person is arrested on drug charges, the consequences could include a prison sentence, fines and a permanent felony record. A man or woman in that situation might benefit from seeking a criminal defense attorney. In an effort to reduce the negative consequences of the criminal charges, an attorney might look at the evidence to see if it could legally support the charges. Sometimes evidence is gathered in violation of a person’s Constitutional rights, and an attorney might get the evidence thrown out and charges dropped. Even if that is not possible, an attorney could help the person sign up for drug treatment to show the court his or her desire to reform. This action might support an argument for a lenient sentence.

Source: New York Daily News, “Diabetic man caught with bag of heroin at Port Authority bus terminal as he told cops he needed sugar: officials“, Thomas Tracy, March 27, 2015