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22 Arrested in New York After 2-Month Drug Investigation


A total of 22 people are facing drug-related charges after undercover cops said they had spent two months purchasing drugs from several individuals in varying locations in New York. The age range of those arrested is 21 to 56 years old, and it was alleged that the defendants sold oxycodone, crack and powdered cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine. Four other individuals are also being sought by police.

Police say that these alleged transactions occurred directly on the streets of several cities, and reports state that these sales took place on several occasions. The drug charges brought against the 22 defendants include over 80 counts of criminal possession and criminal sale of controlled substances. The district attorney stated that these arrests were possible due to the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Agency and state partners.

In addition to the arrests, police executed seven search warrants. It was alleged that over $30,000 and large quantities of drugs were found in just two of the homes searched. Police say the search of one home, located in New City, recovered more than $20,000 in case, nine ounces of methamphetamine and six ounces of cocaine. Prosecutors further allege that some of those accused were selling prescription drugs. Information, including the prior histories of those charged, was released to the public by the District Attorney’s Office in Rockland.

Having a history of previous convictions can mean that someone charged with a drug-related offense may face a more serious sentence than someone without a record. Unfortunately, many people facing these charges do not fully understand their rights. The assistance of a criminal defense attorney could help towards the reduction or elimination of the charges against a defendant.

Source: New City Patch, ““22 charged in Rockland drug sweep”,” Lanning Taliaferro, Feb. 11, 2015