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10 Accused of Being Involved in New York Drug Rings


New York authorities reported on June 19 that two separate drug rings were allegedly busted in two cities. One of the alleged rings was located in Buffalo while the other was located in Dunkirk. It was believed by the authorities that the alleged ring in Buffalo was distributing heroin to up to 200 users per day while the alleged Dunkirk ring was involved in the distribution of cocaine.

Four individuals from the alleged Buffalo ring were taken into custody. Their ages ranged from 37 to 43. They were facing multiple drug charges, including intent to distribute and with distributing at least 100 grams of heroin. The remaining six individuals who were taken into custody were from the alleged Dunkirk ring. Their ages ranged from 28 to 40. All six were charged with distributing at least five grams of cocaine and with intent to distribute. One of the individuals, age 39, was additionally charged with maintaining a drug manufacturing premises, being in possession of a firearm as a felon and possession of a firearm to assist with drug trafficking.

Altogether, the authorities seized what was reported to be a large amount of heroin and cocaine. However, the amount of drugs seized was not reported. Authorities additionally seized an automatic assault rifle and $175,000 in cash.

Drug charges can lead to serious consequences such as jail time, fines and penalties. An attorney may potentially find inconsistencies in the testimony provided by the authorities involved in the seizures, and there could also be questions as to whether the search was conducted under probable cause. The strategy that may be utilized will often depend on the evidence that the prosecutors have against the person charged.

Source: WGRZ, “Feds: 10 arrested in 2 drug busts in WNY”, Associated Press, June 19, 2015