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Man Charged for Possession of New Synthetic Drug


Authorities in New York are concerned about a new drug called ‘flakka” that has been growing in popularity across the country. Over the past year, nine people in the western part of the state have been charged for possession of the drug. Most recently, a 41-year-old man from Livingston County received drug charges for flakka possession and importation.

Flakka is reported to be like a more intense version of bath salts. Also referred to as ‘insanity” and ‘gravel,” the synthetic drug is made using the chemical alpha-PVP. The drug causes people to release dopamine and serotonin, which results in a euphoric feeling. Users of the drug experience hallucinations, seizures and hyperthermia. There have been several deaths attributed to the consumption of flakka.

According to a U.S. attorney, most of the flakka that is coming into the United States was manufactured in China. People have been ordering the drug over the Internet and then reselling it within the U.S. Some say that the new flakka problem is reminiscent of the crack cocaine problem in the 90s because flakka causes severe reactions and is inexpensive.

A person who has been charged for possession or distribution of a synthetic drug may be able to have the charges reduced with help from an attorney. An attorney may advocate for a defendant to receive a lighter sentence by arguing that a drug treatment program would be a better alternative to prison time. If a person was charged with drug possession after a search, a lawyer may be able to have some of the evidence suppressed by pointing out errors in the search warrant.

Source: Newsmax, “Flakka, New Bath Salts-Like Drug, Hits Western New York,” Breana Noble, May 28, 2015