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No Serial Numbers on Many Weapons Seized in Police Raid


Assault rifles and handguns along with over 10,000 rounds of ammunition were found in the home of a convicted sex offender in Cato, New York. A raid was conducted on the 34-year-old man’s home in Cayuga County by State police after investigators obtained a search warrant.

According to the police report, seven assault rifles and three semi-automatic handguns, mostly without serial numbers, were taken from the property. The stockpile also contained high-capacity magazines and body armor. Because of the man’s prior 2009 conviction for raping a minor, he was banned from having a computer, so the police confiscated that as well.

No bail was set at his arraignment. He was placed in the Cayuga County jail on charges of criminal possession of weapons.

A person arrested under similar circumstances might benefit from seeking legal representation. Someone facing criminal charges has a right to an attorney. As he or she progresses through the criminal court system, an attorney could advise the person on his or her rights. An attorney might also be able to mount a defense by challenging evidence. The conditions under which a search warrant was authorized might also be scrutinized by an attorney.

Even if evidence cannot be thrown out, an attorney might be able to help a person facing weapons charges by negotiating a plea bargain. A court trial could be avoided if the person pleads guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. During a plea bargain negotiation, an attorney might help the person decide if the deal is the best possible choice.

Source: My FOX NY, “Troopers seize weapons from central NY sex offender”, March 17, 2015