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Protective Orders in New York


The extent of the domestic violence problem in New York and the serious long-term risk to people caught in such situations is now more commonly understood. In addition, domestic violence does not happen only between married couples. There are many people inside a family or any close living situation who may have to endure incidents of violence and coercion, and they are typically offered the protection of the law.

Protective orders are one of the legal tools that have been used to address problems with violence between parties. In those cases, an injunction that prevents the person who has been accused of violence from approaching the person who has made the complaint is handed down by the court. They may be prevented from contacting them through telephones or social media, and they may be required to maintain a specific distance from the complainant at all times. The order may also include directives for the target to pay child support, spousal support or funding that covers the emergency housing for a displaced individual.

Violation of the order may result in criminal penalties. The order may be temporary, or it can made permanent if the situation can be demonstrated to warrant such a step. A permanent order will usually require a contested hearing in which both individuals or their representatives appear and discuss their grievances before a judge.

Statistics indicate that domestic violence is extremely dangerous for the victim, and there are certain legal avenues for protection. The assistance of an attorney may be valuable to those who have experienced domestic violence and wish to explore options to protect themselves from further harm.