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4 People Accused of Dealing Drugs in Brooklyn


Brooklyn police arrested four people in New York recently on the allegations of selling cocaine to clients from a Toyota Prius in shifts. According to the district attorneys, these four individuals organized their trafficking to make the drug available to customers all year long. The four face heavy jail-time on several different charges.

The four, cousins and their two friends, were indicted on 114 counts, including charges of conspiracy, drug trafficking, possession near school grounds and weapon crimes. As of the latest word, the cousins and one friend face 15 years to life in prison, and the fourth individual is looking at 20 years to life.

According to the Brooklyn district attorney, the defendants took turns taking calls from clients on a cell phone. Allegedly, the four would drive out to meet clients and deliver the drugs. A media report including video footage that they said was taken by an undercover police officer buying from them.

One of the four allegedly worked as a delivery driver three days a week. According to authorities, that cousin earned $600 per week while the other two made about $1,000. The fourth man is alleged to be the leader.

Individuals facing drug charges has many options that can help them win the case or get a lowered sentence. A criminal defense attorney can investigate the charges and the evidence that the authorities have. If any evidence was gathered illegally or not documented properly, a defense attorney can objected to it and have it thrown out of the case. An attorney can also advise a client on whether to seek a separate trial from other co-defendants.

Source: NBC New York, “4 Accused of Selling Cocaine Out of Toyota Prius in Brooklyn: DA,” April 27, 2015