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Defend Yourself Against Damaging DWI Charges


Prior posts on this New York-based criminal defense legal blog have introduced some of the serious penalties that can apply if a person is convicted of a drunk driving charge. In New York, penalties for drunk driving can include fines, the loss of one’s driver’s license and even time in jail. Depending upon the type of charge an individual faces, their punishments can be significant and long-lasting.

Even a first-time DWI offense may cause a person significant personal difficulty. An arrest can be a traumatic and embarrassing event to live through, and the stress and worry that a person may experience while trying to prepare themselves for their trial can cause them to miss important facts and details related to their case.

As such, it is not uncommon for men and women who have been accused of drunk driving to seek the professional assistance of attorneys who represent DWI clients. Lawyers who practice in this particular field of law know and understand the sometimes-changing laws that apply to New York drivers, and can help their clients work toward positive resolutions to their pending DWI charges.

The law firm of Lerner & Lerner, located in Carle Place, New York, recognizes the incredible amount of strain that DWI charges can place on their clients. Because they approach DWI representation with the utmost care, they work with their clients to devise case-specific strategies that work with the facts and laws that are applicable in individual cases. Clients of the firm are an integral part in their own defense strategies and those readers who wish to know more this topic may visit the firm’s web page on DWI charges.