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New York Man Faces Serious Felony Charges for Drug Possession


Individuals who keep up with this New York criminal defense blog know that any drug charges, regardless of the substance the accused is claimed to have dealt with, can be very serious. Drug charges can be penalized with significant criminal sanctions and can cause otherwise successful men and women to carry criminal records with them for the rest of their lives. A New York man was recently charged with a drug crime related to crystal meth and oxycodone.

The 35-year-old man’s residence was searched by law enforcement officials when those executing the search allegedly turned up more than one kilo of the drugs as well as alleged narcotics paraphernalia. Law enforcement officials also claimed that they found a large sum of money in addition to the alleged drug materials.

There is no indication that the man has a prior record, though the search of the residence was undertaken by local and state drug enforcement authorities. Their search was executed through a warrant, which is a document that allows law enforcement officers to execute a search of a location based upon the probable cause and confirmed by a judge.

The affected individual in this story may have possible defense claims if his serious legal matter goes to trial. Sometimes it is possible to attack the parameters under which the search was executed at the residence, or point out legal problems with the grounds of probable cause on which the warrant was based. A strong criminal defense strategy can help protect a person’s rights and future if they are charged with a crime.

Source:, “Elmira man faces felony drug charge after search“, Jeff Murray, Mar. 23, 2018