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New York Store Owner Arrested for Drug Offenses


According to Saratoga Springs Police, a variety shop owner was taken in custody on June 27 on drug charges after a traffic stop. The 46-year-old store owner has been accused of drug trafficking and possession. He faces a third-degree charge of criminal sale of a controlled substance and three counts of second-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Also, he was charged with seven counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

According to police, the store owner was stopped around 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Ballston Avenue. During the traffic stop, the police allegedly found two ounces of cocaine. Police later searched his business and allegedly found another ounce of cocaine, report police officials. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Probation officials also searched his home and allegedly found drug-related materials and money, said authorities.

The shop owner was taken to the Saratoga County Jail. Police say the owner is allegedly a four-time convicted felon in the state. The date of his first hearing on these drug charges are unknown.

Whether an individual is facing state or federal drug charges, he or she often uses legal counsel to help with the case. A lawyer with experience in criminal law may help the individual by explaining the charges and the possession prison time. He or she may contact the prosecutor to negotiate a plea deal on the client’s behalf. A plea deal involves a guilty plea in exchange for less time or lesser charges. If the client wants to fight the charges, the criminal lawyer may represent him or her in court. During a trial, the lawyer may challenge state evidence or present evidence to prove the client’s innocence.

Source: Times Union, “Variety store owner arrested on drug charges“, Matthew Hamilton, June 29, 2013

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