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Scarsdale Mother of Three Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges


A Westchester County, New York woman from the affluent Village of Scarsdale has been charged with manufacturing and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute and maintaining a drug-involved premises. Authorities report that acting pursuant to a warrant US Drug Enforcement Agents discovered $3,000,000 worth of dried marijuana, 2,800 marijuana plants and a highly sophisticated grow operation in the woman’s Queens, New York warehouse.

According to the Federal complaint, DEA agents suspected that the woman might have a link to the drug crime industry because of the extraordinary amount of electricity she was paying for to run her business, Fantastic Enterprises, from the warehouse. Power was reportedly being used for an excessive amount of lighting, ventilation and irrigation. Ultimately suspicious agents followed her Mercedes from her Scarsdale home to Queens and stopped her on May 20.

The woman plead not guilty at her arraignment and according to her lawyer should be posting bail very soon. If convicted of this offense the woman faces 10 years of Federal prison, but under the Federal guidelines she will likely do less time. Reportedly, her lawyer is trying to discuss his client’s plea possibilities at this time.

The most common defense to drug charges of this sort, regardless of whether they will be prosecuted by the state or the Federal government, is to challenge probable cause and the legitimacy of the search and seizure. If a person charged with offenses like these wishes to go to trial, an experienced lawyer would be investigating and going over the discovery to find suppression issues in preparation for his client’s pre-trial hearing. For those who are not interested in trying their cases, a capable, experienced lawyer can work to obtain the most favorable plea options possible.

Source: Fox Business, “Suburban New York mom arraigned on pot growing charges “, June 28, 2013

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